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Veterinarians on Site

Pet Retreat is unique in that we are owned and operated by a veterinarian.  In the event that your pet becomes ill or injured during their stay, one of our Doctors from Vet Partners Pet Hospital, will perform an exam to establish and doctor-patient relationship needed to prescribed medications to treat your pet while they are under our care.  No need to bring your pet anywhere during their stay or once they are home, they will be taken care of immediately and receive any treatment they need while you are away.

Common Illness and Treatment 


As much fun as your pet will have with us, being away from you and their home can cause normal stress which can sometimes can cause diarrhea.  Common treatment for this is metronidazole.  We will be able to prescribe and administer metronidazole to relieve any diarrhea that may develop during their stay.


Some pets become anxious during their stay.  The may get nervous and dig or excessively bark in their condo.  In the case, your pet may need help relaxing and we can help from anything to applying an Adaptil collar to prescribing and administering Trazadone to help take the edge off so they can better enjoy their stay with us!


Sometimes pets play so hard they puke!  Similar to diarrhea, normal stress can cause your pet to vomit.  In the event, your pet needs relief we can administer a medication called Cerenia, that tells the brain not to vomit so your pet can have relief and continue to play the day away!

If your pet does not respond to the above conservative treatment or during exam, appears to need more in depth medical care we will take your pet to Vet Partners Pet Hospital-Plymouth, next door to us.  From here you will be called with any diagnostics or more advanced treatments needed for your pet.

What to expect for cost

Boarding Exam: $39.95

Metronidazole Prescription: $20-30

Trazadone Prescription: $20-30

Cerenia injection: $40-80

Exact cost of any prescriptions and treatments will depend on your pet's weight.  We will do our best to reach you with any additional care or costs needed.  In the event, we are not able to reach you or your emergency contact, you will be responsible for all costs incurred to treat your pet during their stay with us.

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