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What a First Time Assessment Looks like

First time assessments are an important first step to making your dog a regular at Pet Retreat. They are a half day, cost $25, and available every day of the week. First time assessments are required before you book a daycare or boarding stay. Here's what we assess:


Human Interaction

First, your dog will spend time interacting with our team to ensure he/she does not show any inappropriate behavior towards humans and is comfortable being handled.

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Social Skills

Next, your dog will join one of our playgroups with temperament and size appropriate dogs to make sure they enjoy being around other dogs and show no signs of resource guarding or inappropriate play.

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Nap Time

Lastly, your dog will spend time in one of our suites to observe how they handle the suite area. This is to ensure there won't be excessive barking or destructive behavior during naptime.

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