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Requirements & Policies for
Daycare & Boarding

Below is a list of requirements and policies for our Daycare & Boarding Services. If you have any questions about the following policies, please let us know. 

Your dog must undergo a behavioral assessment prior to his/her first stay with us.  This is to ensure they get along with our staff and four legged playmates. For more information, click here

We have a zero tolerance policy on aggression towards humans or other dogs. If your dog exhibits any signs of aggression, for the safety of our staff and other guests, they will be asked to leave and may not be allowed to return

  • We require all dogs to be current on Rabies, Distemper & Bordetella.

  • Your dog must be flea free and have preventative on board <30 days prior to boarding. We recommend an oral preventative to avoid any topicals on fur during play with other pets, if topicals are used they must be applied no sooner than 72 hours before check in. 

  • Dogs over the age of 8 months must be spayed/neutered. Intact females under 8 months in heat will not be allowed. Any behavior concern related to being intact may require the dog to take a break until after they are altered.

 We cannot accept your pet without proof of these things and it is your responsibility to get us the proof from your veterinarian. If you are a client with Vet Partners Plymouth, please let us know as we can obtain those records for you. 

We also have a minimum age of 4 months for these services so they are old enough to go overnight between potty breaks.



We recommend pre-portioning your pet's food in Ziplock bags. You can also portion your dog's food in a large Zip-Lock bag. Large food containers will not be accepted. 

Food/Water bowls are provided.

Raw diets are not allowed.  

Please let us know if your dog has any food allergies or sensitivities.


You may bring one personal item for boarding reservations.  We recommend the item be a beloved toy they can have unsupervised or a small to medium sized blanket/shirt that smells like home. 

We recommend not leaving any items that you potentially could be disappointed to not get back, as occasionally things can get damaged, misplaced and/or destroyed.  



If your dog is in need of urgent medical care during his/her stay we have a Veterinarian on staff and to consult with and provide immediate care. We will make every effort to get a hold of you but if we cannot reach you, we will proceed with our vet's recommendations and you are responsible for cost of any treatment. If the care needed is not urgent, we will not proceed unless we receive permission. 



We understand things change and cancelations will be made. If you cancel a Boarding Stay within 48 hours you may be subject to a cancelation fee. Future bookings may also require a deposit to book a stay. 



Boarding is busiest around holidays, so certain sets of dates may be subject to placing deposit to book a stay during busy holiday periods since boarding space will be limited. 

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