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Kait, Groomer

Kait works as a Groomer at our Plymouth hospital and will transition to Vet Partners Pet Retreat when it opens. Kait’s favorite part of her job is growing a bond and earning the trust of each pet she gets to work with.

Before working at Vet Partners, Kait has worked in the animal industry since she graduated high school. She started out as a dog trainer, moving on to grooming for the last eight years.

In her free time you can find Kait hiking or on the couch with her dogs.

About Kait

Little Known Talents

  • Having the best worst memory of all time

  • The coolest nerd you’ll ever meet

  • Worlds best Golden Retriever photographer

Keys to Kait's Heart

  • Food: Tacos, tacos, more tacos!

  • Music: Anything but Country

  • Experience: Camping, hiking, anything with her hubby and doggos

  • Animal: Doggos 


  • Paisley: Golden Retriever – Mom’s best friend

  • Wesley: Spunky little Corgi and food enthusiast

  • Kyle: Mega mix breed and loud mouth of the house

  • Lyra: Husky Shepherd mix – baby of the fam and sassiest trouble maker you’ll ever meet!

  • Lucifer and Pasta: Long hair meows

  • Margarita and Mister: Short hair meows

  • Vader:

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