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Dogs are our Passion

Pet Retreat Plymouth is a full-service doggy paradise, located in the the heart of Plymouth.

Find the Right Service for Your Dog!

How Pet Retreat Stands Apart

Vet Owned

Pet Retreat is owned by a Veterinarian and connected to the Vet Partners animal hospital.

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Comprehensive Training

Dog training classes for every age of development, starting with Puppy Socialization then Manners 1 & 2.

Staff-to-dog Ratio

Pet Retreat has a smaller staff to dog ratio compared to competitors at roughly 1:10.

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Report Cards

Personalized “Report Cards” at the end of each day that detail how your furry friend's stay was!

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Fear-free Certified Staff

Our experienced groomers are fear-free certified and take a low-stress approach to grooming.

Play Breaks

Designated nap times throughout the day to ensure dogs aren’t overstimulated.

Pet Retreat Gallery

Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri                 7 am - 6 pm
Sat - Sun                 9 am - 6 pm

Interested in Daycare or Boarding? 

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