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Wanjiru, Daycare & Boarding Staff

Wanjiru has been with us since we opened in Summer 2022. She has always really loved animals and learning more about them! Ever since she was 5, she has wanted to be a Vet and  used to pretend to heal her stuffed animals with my little toy tools. In the future She either want sto go into Zoology or become a Vet! She's super excited to work with other animal lovers and learn more about animals, along with working with the dogs and learning more about everyone.


Outside of work, she is really into musical theater and started doing musicals in first grade. She also loves art overall and enjoy being in that sort of environment. 

About Wanjiru

Little Known Talents

  • Really enjoys sewing

  • Loves to perform!  Acting, singing, dancing, etc!

  • Enjoys writing

Key's to Wanjiru's Heart

  • Music: literally anything by pierce the veil, or childish gambino. I like many types of music though. 

  • Experience: preforming in a musical or spending time with my loved ones.

  • Animal: axolotls!


  • Timber, 5 year old Chihuahua Mix and we’ve had him for around 4 years. He’s a rescue who’s been through a lot. He’s calm, caring and attentive and also loves anything fluffy to cuddle with. He’s always acted a bit like an old man, it’s lovely.

  • Teacup , 6 year old bird. She’s a spangle budgerigar parakeet. She’s sassy and loves attention, she is also obsessed with sitting on my dog. She likes to sit on my shoulder and come with me everywhere and she loves to sing along to music and sounds!

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