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Suzanne, Creative Groomer

Suzanne works as a Creative Groomer, currently at our Plymouth hospital and will transition to Vet Partners Pet Retreat when it opens. Suzanne loves to make all of her clients look unique, different, and beautiful. She enjoys cuddling, playing, and chatting up her clients while getting to be creative.

Before working at Vet Partners Suzanne was educated and trained at the Aveda Institute Minneapolis to be a hairstylist in the two-legged world. She always enjoyed being creative and making people look and feel their best.

In her free time you can find Suzanne spending time with her husband Dan and two daughters Annika and Shelby.

About Suzanne

Little Known Talents

  • Unique ability to find the most expensive item in any store

  • Has a very loud laugh

  • Can sew, crochet, and knit just about anything

Key's to Suzanne's Heart

  • Food: Nachos and wings

  • Music: Everything but country music

  • Experience: Traveling the world

  • Animal: PUGS


  • Suzanne has two pugs named Bonnie. Yes you read that correctly, both dogs have the same name. One they named Bonnie and the other was a rescue who came named Bonnie. So meet “The Bonnies" (pictures below)

Suzanns' Kids.jpg
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