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Myra, Daycare & Boarding Staff

Myra has been with us since we opened in Summer 2022. she spends the majority of her time working or studying and has learned a lot abut communications, interpersonal relations and non verbal communication. She is super smart and driven and we are really happy she is part of our team! 


When she is not found working or studying, she finds the time to indulge in things she is passionate about like music, art, games, and books. She also spends time with her famiy pets, pictured below!

About Myra

Little Known Talents

  • Loves to Learn! 

  • Is the Queen of Observation, she loves to take it all in!

Key's to Myra's Heart

  • Food: Mangos

  • Music: So much good stuff, currently getting into R&B

  • Experience: too many to pick from 

  • Animal: Dogs!


  • Ginger, a 9 year old kitty cat

  • Smokey, a 9 year old feline friend

  • Faye, a rescued pupper who co-esists with her cat siblings

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