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Mercedes, Lead Front Desk Attendant

Mercedes works as a Front Desk Attendant here at Pet Retreat as has been with us since we opened in Summer 2022. She lives with her husband Jorge and dog Charlie (pictures below!) She loves adventure and seeing new places and things. On her days off you can find her going on a small road trip, fishing, looking for animals in nature, or Trying a new creative outlet! 


She is most excited to be working at the front desk because she gets to build relationships with clients. One of her favorite things is getting to know new people, and seeing all the amazing pets coming through our doors! She has hands on experience working with dogs and pet owners working in other areas of the pet care industry.


About Mercedes

Little Known Talents

  • Loves creating things! Always has to be making something!

  • Painting

  • Writing Poems or Songs

Key's to Cassandra's Heart

  • Food: Sushi

  • Music: All kinds, but currently really into house mixes

  • Experience: Driving somewhere new, with the windows down & good music playing!

  • Animal: Reptiles or Amphibians


  • Charlie: Charlie is my 5-year-old Staffordshire Terrier. She is the biggest love bug, and never fails to make me laugh. 

  • Anabelle Lee: Annie is my 6-year-old Leopard Gecko! She Loves people. When she had surgery, the vet said she was the best Gecko she had ever worked with, So I call her my doctor-certified good girl. 

  • Bonk: Bonk is my second leopard gecko. We rescued him from a bad situation, and he is the absolute opposite of Annie. He's a terror. 

  • Alice: Alice is my fat tail gecko. She is Shy and prefers to be left alone!

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