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KayLynne, Daycare & Boarding Team Lead

KayLynne has been with us since we opened in Summer 2022. She has previous daycare/boarding experience as well as experience training dogs. She works as a full time daycare & boarding attendant as is the team lead on the weekends, making sure we are operating like a well oiled machine every day of the week. 


She has been around dogs all of her life, when she was young she would help her mom train dogs (she was a good distraction at age 3). She love to help owners with their dogs for them to gain a better partnership. She love spending time with my family while enjoying gaming, reading, and writing. I love to research and study wolves and foxes.


About KayLynne

Little Known Talents

  • Impressively fast reader

  • Baking

  • Painting

Key's to KayLynne's Heart

  • Food:  Mexican

  • Music: Anything!

  • Experience: Having my baby girl!

  • Animal: wolves and foxes 


  • Kita,  a six year old beagle mix. She is their beloved diva. She was with KayLynne when she went to National K9 for Dog Training School where they learned skills to make their bond stronger.