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Kaylie, Daycare & Boarding Staff


 Kaylie has been with us since we opened in Summer 2022. She lives in a rural area a ways away from the metro with her family and her gaggle of furry family members, all listed below. 

Kaylie has good communication, loves the pups like her own and always has a smile on her face. We are so happy she is a part of the team! 


About Kaylie

Little Known Talents

  • Absorbs all things animal related like a sponge

  • Is very good at making her hard earned money disappear (like magic!)

  • Super impressive memory

Key's to Kaylie's Heart

  • Food: chicken chipotle sandwiches 

  • Music: anything but country 

  • Experience: camping

  • Animal: elephants


  • Maggie, a 10 yr old pit mix. She is an older lady who loves naps but when we go to the cabin she loves running and sitting outside in the sun.

  • Bonnie, a 1 yr old mini aussie. She is a crazy little thing! loves playing all the time and loves being the center of attention. 

  • Walter, a 10 month old mini aussie. He is a special boy, he loves cuddles and playing with his big sisters. he only has one eye that works but that doesn’t stop him from getting into things he shouldn’t! 

  • Monster, a 1 yr old bunny. She loves meeting new people, as much as he loves his bananas and hay…as long as you scratch his head though! 

  • Salem, a 2 yr old cat. She is a very talkative kitty, she always has been but she doesn’t really like a bunch of attention, but she doesn’t mind being held like a baby for a few minutes. 

  • Omelet & Sunny, rats. These boys love sleeping and eating that’s about it!

  • Duchess, Carmel, Toffee, Guinea Pigs. They love the sound of the refrigerator, they will go crazy, they also love the sound of hay and anything else has to do with food!