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Casey O'Connell, Pet Retreat Director

Casey works as a Director of Operations at our Plymouth Pet Retreat. She loves finding ways to make pets happy and as comfortable as possible when away from their homes. “Animals provide such wonderful companionship to us, I like to return the favor.”

Before working at Vet Partners, Casey received her AAS in Veterinary Technology from Minnesota School of Business in 2011. She has worked as a CVT for 10+ years and worked for a while as a Practice Manager as well. She most recently worked for a non-profit assistance dog organization.

In her free time, Casey can be found hanging out with her husband of 10 years and their tiny gaggle of fur children. They like to watch movies, binge all the shows, and play a lot of video games. She also really enjoys cooking and baking and tries to do so as often as she can.

About Casey

Little Known Talents

  • Is the master of loosing her train of thought mid-sentence ( Squirrel!)

  • Is really good at remembering lots of tiny, normally forgettable details.

  • Also the queen of not knowing what I want for dinner, but whatever you suggest is not it.

Keys to Casey's Heart

  • Food: Asian food, bring on all the stir fry and sushi!

  • Music: I have a really wide taste in music, I can jam out to just about anything!

  • Experience: Helping raise a service dog. Watching them and their client live an amazing life together, knowing you had a part in it. Big feels!

  • Animal: I really like otters, they are like adorable river cats.


  • Ivy: DLH cat- Shredder of all things cellophane/plastic

  • Sirius: DSH cat – Master of snuggles

  • Alice: DSH cat – Tiniest little bed hog you’ll ever meet

  • Bruce: DSH cat – Professor of naughty shenanigans

  • Wrigley: Yellow Lab – World’s bestest good boy and retriever of all the things – unless it involves water, because “ew, my toes might get wet!”

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If you would like to contact me anything regarding the Pet Retreat, I would be happy to connect with you!