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Amy, Dog Training Manager

Amy is our Dog Training Manager and has been with us since we opened in Summer 2022.  Originally from a small town in Wisconsin and raised as an avid outdoorswoman, she enjoys hiking, hammocking, and birding with her two cats, Daisy and Bo! Amy loves exploring, she can be found traveling across the country, chasing unforgettable experiences like going to various national parks and seeing the true beauty of nature.


With a degree from St. Norbert College in Communication, Amy connects her passion for canines, communication, and conservation into a career. She has experience as a force-free trainer and is Fear Free Certified with us. Amy will be running classes, managing other trainers who come to teach classes for us and will maintain all the course curriculum to ensure it continues to align with our fear free positive reinforcement training no matter who is teaching!

Keys to Amy's Heart

Little Known Talents

  • Loves to be outside exploring & Hiking

  • Super dedicated to ecology & Conservation

Key's to Amy's Heart

  • Favorite Food: French Fries

  • Favorite Animal: Narwhals & Moose

  • Favorite Music: Classic Rock

  • Experience: Seeing Paul McCartney live!


  • Daisy, Cat 

  • Bo, Cat

  • Alfie, Cat 



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As the dog training manager at Pet Retreat, I want my clients to know I am always available as a resource for you and your dog. Whether or not you bring your puppy in for a socialization hour or plan to take your dog all the way to competition, I will be there to help guide you. Feel free to contact me with questions, comments, or concerns via email.